Thrilling Highways Street Racing

Traffic Racing Simulator 3d

Get behind the wheel of super fast cars and race against racing rival traffic in this high-octane simulator. Use missiles and nitro to beat the speedy competition.

This top-rated Free game first graced the App Store on 16th May 2015 and has been updated numerous times since then. It has a content rating of 9+ and features an incredible gameplay experience.

Thrilling Highways Street Racing

Driving at top speed through virtual highways is a dream of many gamers. It’s no surprise that there are plenty of racing games that try to replicate the rush of a high-speed run through traffic.

Few have succeeded as well as Burnout. The multi-platform racer offered a highly realistic simulation that showcased the cars with spectacular slow-motion crashes and simulated damage to the environment. Later iterations added the ability to play as the cops and deploy spike strips and EMP blasts against the scumbag drivers of Seacrest County.

Fast, furious, and fun to drive, this game is a true classic in the genre. It features several modes of gameplay from career mode to endless free-running through the city streets. You can also challenge friends in exciting races.

Realistic Traffic Handling

Drive your way through heavy traffic, avoiding collisions to make it to your destination on time. Featuring multiple game modes, you can choose from career mode where you complete levels for a reward, infinity mode to stay on the road for as long as possible, and time challenge mode to reach specific checkpoints within a set amount of time.

Third-person gameplay gives you a wider view of the road so you can dodge or crash other vehicles to clear the highways for your car. You can also earn cash by completing the missions to buy more cars to add to your collection.

Customizable Chevrolet Racing Cars

Take to the road with a variety of sleek and powerful Chevrolet racing cars. Choose your favorite vehicle and unlock new ones as you complete missions and earn cash.

Enjoy the sensation of realistic traffic handling with intuitive controls. Drive at real highway speeds and experience the thrill of close-call maneuvers as you weave through traffic, overtake opponents and dodge oncoming vehicles.

This game features an advanced physics engine that delivers lifelike car handling, dynamic tyre modeling and heat cycles as well as laser-scanned race track surfaces with variable surface properties. It also supports a wide range of peripherals including gamepads, wheels, triple displays and TrackIR head tracking for an unmatched level of immersion. The game is available for both PC and mobile devices.

Stunning Visuals and Audio

A premier mobile game for high-octane racing fans, traffic racing simulator 3d delivers a dazzling array of sleek and powerful cars to choose from. With immersive environments that take you from bustling city streets to scenic highways, the stunning graphics are designed to immerse players into the world of high-speed car racing.

Weave through lanes, overtake your opponents and dodge oncoming vehicles to test your reflexes. This game also features a day and night cycle that adds to the realism and challenges players as they race through busy city streets and winding highways.

Complete challenging missions to earn rewards and unlock new vehicles. Upgrade your vehicle’s performance and style to increase its speed and handling. The sound effects of screeching tires and authentic engine sounds are immersive and add to the overall gaming experience.

Dynamic Day-Night Cycle

A dynamic day and night cycle in a game can add a level of realism to the gameplay. This can make the world feel more immersive, and it can also provide a new challenge to players as they navigate the road.

In addition, weather conditions can affect the time of day in the game. For example, rain will cause mobs to spawn earlier and remain longer than in clear weather.

The game also features a variety of modes to choose from. These include Career mode, Infinity mode, and Time Challenge mode. Each mode has its own rewards and car upgrades. You can also paint your vehicle and install new rims to customize it. You can even improve the running parts to make your vehicle faster and more drivable.

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